How to clean dip dye Knitwears better

The wool composition in dip dye Knitwears is different, and the washing and maintenance methods are different. Some are suitable for hand washing, and some are suitable for dry cleaning.


Process analysis of dip dye Knitwears

The dip dye Knitwears, as a low-pollution, customized on-demand, online design and service product, meets the personalized, diversified, and small-batch needs of the current dip dye Knitwears market.


How to wear spring and summer quality dip dye Knitwears best beautiful

How to wear in spring and summer is actually very simple. The most common items in spring and summer are nothing more than these types: shirts, knitwears, sweaters, skirts, jeans, dresses, linen jackets, etc. As long as we have mastered the matching skills of these kinds of single products, we can do our daily dressing.


Process analysis of digital printing Knitwears

Digital printing Knitwears, as a low-pollution, customized on-demand, online design and service product, meets the personalized, diversified, and small-batch needs of the current digital printing Knitwears market.


The best way to build dip dye Sweaters

The lazy dip dye Sweaters have a large silhouette, which can wrap the body when worn on the body, which can play a very good role in keeping warm. When you travel, wear lazy dip dye Sweaters and let them bring you warmth.


What are the advantages of dip dye Knitwears

In early fall, many men will wear coats such as trench coats, jackets or sweaters, but it is rare for men to wear dip dye Knitwears. The main reason for this phenomenon is that many people think that dip dye Knitwears are women's coats.


The process of dip dye Knitwearde is explained in detail

Dip dyeing is a method of immersing the dyed material in a dyeing bath containing dyes and the required auxiliary agents, and then gradually dyeing the dyed material through the dyeing bath cycle or the movement of the dyed material.


The correct way to wash and protect dip dye Knitwears

Dip dye Knitwears with good elasticity, moisture absorption, breathability, comfort and warmth have always been our best choice for dressing. Dip dye Knitwears are fabrics that are formed by connecting loops through each other and are impregnated.


How many ways can dip dye Knitwears be dyed

As consumers demand personalized and fashionable knitwears clothing products, the dyeing methods of knitwears also show diversification, which can be dyed in all links of production, thereby giving products different colors, styles and expressions. Here is a brief description of several common dip dye Knitwears dyeing methods


Why do wrinkles occur when Best dip dye Knitwears are dyed

What are the mechanisms and factors for wrinkles in the production of Best dip dye Knitwears. The rationalization of the Best dip dye Knitwears plan is not only related to the problem of color and color difference, but also to the problem of wrinkle printing.


Appearance defects and quality of Best dip dye Knitwears

For now, the main problems and reasons for Best dip dye Knitwears on the market are as follows: (1) The quality of raw materials determines the quality of garments. At present, Best dip dye Knitwears has the phenomenon of grass clippings, wool pieces, coarse details and yarn joints, which are mainly caused by the lack of management of incoming raw materials by enterprises.


What should I do if dip dye Knitwears products get bigger and bigger

For cotton dip dye Knitwears products, we can organize its size as follows


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