How many ways can dip dye Knitwears be dyed



As consumers demand personalized and fashionable knitwears clothing products, the dyeing methods of knitwears also show diversification, which can be dyed in all links of production, thereby giving products different colors, styles and expressions. Here is a brief description of several common dip dye Knitwears dyeing methods:

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1. Coloring of dip dye Knitwears stock solution: When chemical fiber is manufactured, spinning stock solution must be prepared first. Generally, the stock solution is colorless or white. When in order to meet certain needs, you can add colored substances (such as masterbatch) to the original solution or color before spinning, and then spin it after fully mixing to obtain a variety of colored fibers, which can be staple fibers or Filament.

2. Dip dye Knitwears loose fiber dyeing: In order to enrich the color of the product, reduce the color difference of the yarn, and increase the hazy effect of the product, the loose fiber can be dyed, such as wool fiber dyeing and cotton fiber dyeing. The dyeing method is generally dip dyeing, but also pad dyeing. After the loose fiber is dyed, spinning and weaving can be performed to obtain dyed spun yarn and dyed fabric.

3. Dip dye Knitwears sliver dyeing: After the loose fiber is dyed in the spinning process, there will be a little colored fiber remaining in the equipment passing through, which will bring inconvenience to the subsequent cleaning work, so there is top dyeing. The subsequent process needs to go through drawing, roving, and spinning processes. This process has been maturely applied in wool spinning. In recent years, some companies have used this technology in cotton spinning to produce dyed yarn.

4. Dip dye Knitwears yarn dyeing: yarn-dyed fabrics are generally woven by first dyeing yarns and then arranging warp and weft yarns of different colors according to certain rules. It has strong color fastness, three-dimensional patterns and unique styles.

5. Dip dye Knitwears fabric dyeing: In the current textiles, fabric piece dyeing is the most important dyeing method. In addition to dyeing the whole fabric in the same color, it can also be dyed locally, such as printing and sandwich dyeing. The fabric can be dyed in open width or rope way, and can also be dyed by dip dyeing, pad dyeing, vapor phase transfer dyeing, etc.

6. Dip dye Knitwears garment dyeing: garment dyeing involves pre-processing the fabric, and then dyeing (or printing) the garment after it is made, generally dip dyeing is used. Both woven and knitted fabrics can be dyed into garments.

It is generally believed that the earlier the dyeing process, the lower the production cost, and the problem can be compensated in the later process, but its market response is slow; the later the dyeing process of dip dye Knitwears, the quicker response can be based on market demand. Higher requirements for dip dye Knitwears dyeing uniformity, dyes and processing technology.

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