Why do wrinkles occur when Best dip dye Knitwears are dyed



What are the mechanisms and factors for wrinkles in the production of Best dip dye Knitwears?

1. The mechanism of wrinkles

dip dye Knitwears

Cotton fiber is a highly absorbent fiber. It has the characteristic of wet deformation, and cotton knitted fabric made of cotton fiber has this characteristic. The dyeing process of Best dip dye Knitwears is mostly wet and hot dyeing and finishing process. In the wet state:

a. The grey fabric will inevitably have some vertical elongation and lateral contraction along with the machine: there is a folding phenomenon in the layout of the blank. The external force for a certain period of time produces deformation at the local fiber crease. Form a crease

b. The grey cloth runs in the dyeing machine by the lifting of mechanical force and moving with the dye liquor, there must be a wrinkle area in the cylinder. The time is about 2.5rain, and the fabric is continuously lifting, moving, and wrinkling in the dyeing machine. If the wrinkling time is longer, the wrinkles are easier to fix because the fabric returns to the folding area after a week.

2. Factors in terms of varieties of Best dip dye Knitwears

In addition to the properties determined by the characteristics of the dyeing method of the equipment. The variety and type of fabric is another influential factor. Especially those high-count and high-density fabrics. For example, the tightly structured cotton combed jersey, outer clothing, and elastic fabrics, due to the high fiber count, correspondingly large density, and high weaving tension, the free movement of the fibers between each other is reduced.

3. Cylinder row problem in production plan

The rationalization of the Best dip dye Knitwears plan is not only related to the problem of color and color difference, but also to the problem of wrinkle printing. Especially large-capacity dyeing machines over 500 kg are commonly used. If the arranging plan is not appropriate, chromatic aberration will also occur. If the arranging staff is not clear about the characteristics of each specific machine, regardless of the type of fabric, structural characteristics and customer requirements, they just blindly pursue unit production, and the gray fabric on the platoon is too long, If it is too heavy, the best dip dye Knitwears in the dyeing machine folds the larger the area of decolorizing agent for printing and dyeing wastewater.

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