What is the difference between half milano Knitwears and sweaters

Many people choose half milano Knitwears or sweaters as outerwear in early autumn or early spring, but many people do not know the difference between the two when purchasing.


Cleaning methods and precautions for Knitwear

Knitwear is a favorite clothing of the public. It has the advantages of keeping warm and versatile. It is comfortable to wear. However, due to the material of the sweater, the cleaning method of the sweater is very important. So what method should be used to clean the sweater correctly?


The development trend of knitted fabrics and knitwear

The development trend of knitted fabrics and knitwear can be summarized as: comfort, fashion, functionality, environmental protection, and diversification.


What are the causes of wrinkles in dip dye knitwears?

Why do dip dye knitwears produce wrinkles during dip dyeing? What is the cause of this phenomenon? Let's take a look together.


Texworld Evolution Le Showroom

Paris Salon Exhibition from February 1 to 5 attended by Knitwell Fashion Knitwear Co., Ltd.


How to wear spring and summer knitted sweaters best beautiful?

The most common items in spring and summer are nothing more than these types: shirts, knitwears, sweaters, skirts, jeans, dresses, linen jackets, etc. As long as we have mastered the matching skills of these kinds of single products, we can do our daily dressing.


The best way to build dip dye Sweaters

Knitwell Fashion Knitwear Co., Ltd. professionally provides you with dip dye Sweaters, digital printing Sweaters, half milano Sweaters, milano Sweaters, full needle Sweaters, cardigan Sweaters, half cardigan Sweaters, intarsia Sweater sweaters, jacquard Sweaters, Komen's sweaters, etc. Customization and wholesale of products, please feel free to contact us if necessary.


Process analysis of digital printing Knitwears

Digital printing Knitwears, as a low-pollution, customized on-demand, online design and service product, meets the personalized, diversified, and small-batch needs of the current digital printing Knitwears market.


Washing and maintenance of Best fashion knitwears

Knitwears are soft in texture, have good wrinkle resistance and breathability, and have greater extensibility and elasticity, and are comfortable to wear. In addition to being used for taking and decoration, knitwears can also be used in the fields of industry, agriculture, medical and health, and national defense. So, what are the washing and maintenance of Best fashion knitwears?


How to keep Sweaters out of shape? The correct drying method of getSweaters

Like the Sweaters that we often wear in winter, they will become deformed when hung. In particular, the shoulders of Sweaters are prone to corners. When you put them on, the shoulders feel like transformers, which is particularly ugly. This problem occurs in many people's homes. In fact, it is very easy to solve this problem.


Sweater manufacturers Help understand the processing procedure of sweater processing factory for you

Sweater processing factory refers to a series of production processes and processes in which yarn is made into knitted sweaters. Sweaters are knitted fabrics, but weft knitted fabrics are subdivided.


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