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Knitwear supplier tells you: Nylon and polyester nylon are scientifically named polyamide fibers. When they are close to the flame, they quickly crimp and melt into a white gel. Celery flavor, light brown molten material is not easy to grind after cooling. The scientific name of polyester is polyester fiber. It is easy to ignite, and it melts and shrinks when it is close to the flame. When it burns, it melts and emits black smoke. It shows a yellow flame and emits an aromatic smell.

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The scientific name of acrylic fiber and polypropylene fiber is polyacrylonitrile fiber, which softens and shrinks near the fire, emits black smoke after being on fire, and the flame is white, and burns rapidly after leaving the flame, emitting the bitter smell of burning meat. The twist is brittle. The scientific name of polypropylene fiber is polypropylene fiber. It melts and shrinks when it is near the flame. It is flammable and burns slowly when it is away from the fire and emits black smoke. The upper end of the flame is yellow and the lower end is blue. broken.
Knitwear supplier tells you: Vinylon and polyvinyl chloride polyvinyl formal fibers are not easy to ignite, melt and shrink near the flame, and there is a little flame at the top when burning. It has a bitter smell and leaves black bead-like particles after burning, which can be crushed with fingers. The scientific name of polyvinyl chloride is polyvinyl chloride fiber, which is difficult to burn and extinguishes immediately after leaving the fire. The flame is yellow, and the lower end of the green white smoke emits a pungent, pungent, spicy and sour smell.

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