Why are digital printing Knitwears products so popular



Above, let’s take a look at why digital printing Knitwears products dominate the printing scale and see its obvious advantages:

1. Digital printing Knitwears products is completed and digitalized, and the design is sublimated. As a result, the arrangement of printed products not only responds quickly to their order demand, but also has great randomness.

Digital printing Knitwears products

2. Arrangement samples can be edited and edited on the computer, and the arrangement concept of the arranger and the concept of elegant review can be fully and fully utilized. Until the user nodded immediately, approved the arrangement plan, and held batch processing.

3. Digital printing Knitwears products are nozzles that have been digitally controlled by agreement, and digitally print where dyes are necessary. Radiate the corresponding micro-dots of the dye solution as needed, and look at the transfer printing design. Many light and thin points can quickly form the desired pattern, and achieve the visually realistic color connection similar to the pattern. Conservative printing is absolutely inferior to the saturation of color and the clarity of layers, and it is difficult to control some excessive moiré.

4. Due to the high printing accuracy of the digital printing Knitwears products machine, there is almost no problem of the accuracy of the flower and color registration. Regardless of the pattern and geometry, the color registration is all completed by indirect printing. It prevents the purification of bulk restoration agents and the waste of dyes in the conservative process of "carving" process, and also ensures the brilliant color and fastness.

5. During the production process of digital printing Knitwears products, the computer actively memorizes various data, mass production, and the trend of thermal transfer. The color data remains unchanged, and the basic guarantee is the similarity between the small sample and the large sample. In conservative printing, it is difficult to guarantee the similarity between the small sample and the large sample. This is due to the different batches of sizing, resulting in slight changes in the same color.

6. In the process of digital printing Knitwears products, the concept of "huahui" can not exist, so that the arranger's thoughts of arrangement can be fully and fully utilized, and it is no longer subject to the control of "huahui", and arranges especially exquisite for the arranger. The pattern lays the foundation.

7. Digital printing Knitwears products have high precision and luggage printing. The foundation of printing photos on the fabric can reach the printing level.

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