Which sweater is right for you



The single-product sweaters that the weather is cold and hearty are definitely among them. Today we are not talking about how to match, but what style is right for you. After all, some people in the same sweater wear soft and fashionable, and some people are round and round. The key issue is actually the choice of sweater style.

Women's sweater

Let's start with the sweater as the inner layer.

If you like to use a sweater as a concave shape, it is necessary to know about tight-fitting sweaters.

Women's sweater

1. Low-necked ones are better than high-necked ones.
Why do you say that? High collars are more picky, like people with short necks and bigger faces, this will become a very challenging problem, but there is no problem with low collars, and you can wear any body shape.

If you are really afraid of the cold and don't like to wear a scarf, then take a step back and choose a half-high collar. In short, don't cover your neck completely, just exposing a section will be just right. Of course, if you have a long neck, you can choose whatever you want to make you feel warm.

2. Next, let's talk about the problem of collar type.
V-neck for the big face. Needless to say, the V-neck can modify the shape of the face while making the breasts look less exaggerated. V-neck + short, it is really both a beautiful swan neck and a high waistline, perfect!

The chin of the square face is sharp and angular. You can choose a round neck or U-shaped neck with a softer neckline. The face of a person with a long face looks very vertical. When choosing a neckline, you should choose a collar with a horizontal dynamic trend, which can neutralize the vertical length of the long face. The oval face and the melon face face are versatile, round neck, high neck, U-shaped neck and so on.

3. Color matching.
Tight-fitting sweaters in Japanese style can be seen everywhere. Put it directly in a suit jacket, coat or windbreaker, and pair it with a small delicate necklace, which gives you a simple yet thoughtful fashion sense. The upgraded version of wearing a white shirt inside, revealing the neckline and sleeves of the shirt, can make the overall look less boring.
There is also a way to wear it in two colors. It is the same as the pattern of the shirt on the top. It shows a corner and it looks a lot more fashionable. And for people who are afraid of cold stars, this way of wearing it is quite practical.

Therefore, when choosing a tight-fitting sweater this year, you may wish to refer to the above tips, which will help you more likely adjust to the style that suits you.

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