Which fabric material is suitable for quality digital printing Knitwears



The quality digital printing Knitwears technology can be used for woven and knitted fabrics. Below, I elaborate on which materials are suitable for digital printing and which are not:

quality digital printing Knitwears

Cotton is a natural fiber that is widely used in clothing especially in the fashion industry for its high moisture resistance, comfort and durability. With quality digital printing Knitwears you can print on cotton. To achieve the highest possible quality, most digital printers use reactive inks, as this type of ink provides the highest washfastness for printing on cotton.

Another natural fiber widely used in the fashion industry is viscose. Printing on viscose is possible with quality digital printing Knitwears. The best results are achieved by printing on viscose with reactive inks as you would on cotton.

Printing on wool fabric with quality digital printing Knitwears is possible, but it depends on the type of wool fabric used. If you want to print on "fuzzy" wool fabrics this means that there is a lot of fluff on the surface of the fabric, so the applicator must be as far away from the fabric as possible. The diameter of the wool yarn is five times the diameter of the nozzle in the printhead, so it can seriously damage the printhead. Therefore, it is very important to choose a digital printing machine that allows the print head to print at a higher position from the fabric.

Another natural fiber suitable for quality digital printing Knitwears is silk. Silk can be printed with reactive inks (better color fastness) or acid inks (wider color gamut).

Polyamide Lycra is a fabric mainly used in swimwear. Printing on polyamide lycra can be done with quality digital printing Knitwears, preferably with acid inks. With acid ink, the highest color brightness, the best washing fastness and salt water fastness, chlorine bleaching fastness can be obtained.

Blended fabrics refer to fabrics composed of two different types of materials, which is a challenge for quality digital printing Knitwears. In digital textile printing, only one type of ink can be used on a piece of equipment.

Typically, quality digital printing Knitwears can handle mixed fabrics with 70-30% distribution. For example, a blend of 70% cotton and 30% polyester can be printed with reactive inks. However, for 60-40% blended fabrics, the use of digital printing has limitations in terms of depth of color.

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