What should I do if intarsia Sweaters wear too tightly



Intarsia Sweaters also have a lot of annoyance: wearing tightly, loves to shed hair, easy to shrink... It is annoying, don't worry, learn the following coups, you will easily wear intarsia Sweaters and no worries!

intarsia Sweaters
Everyone knows intarsia Sweaters. It is a must-have item for more than one hand in winter. Whether it is worn on the outside or on the inside, it is fashionable and warm. But it is not without shortcomings, such as: wearing tightly, love to shed hair, easy to shrink...It is very annoying, don't worry, learn the following coup, you will easily wear intarsia Sweaters and no worries!
1. Intarsia Sweaters pierce people
Intarsia Sweaters are always pierced when worn close to the body, especially pure wool intarsia Sweaters, especially rabbit hair short-haired sweaters or cashmere sweaters. Large long hairs often make the skin irritating. This makes it difficult for many people to accept. In fact, you only need to Add shampoo or shower gel to the water and mix well, soak the intarsia Sweaters for 30 minutes, then wash and dry, so that the intarsia Sweaters will become soft and comfortable.
2. Intarsia Sweaters love to shed hair
Intarsia Sweaters not only love to pilling, but also shed hair easily, especially the long-haired sweaters like rabbit or cashmere love to shed hair. How to do it? We can put intarsia Sweaters in an airtight plastic bag, refrigerate in the refrigerator for 3 days and take out, take a pot of 30°-35° warm water, and add an appropriate amount of washing powder and a small spoon of starch to the water, and stir After evenly mixing, soak the sweater for 5 minutes, and then wash it. The intarsia Sweaters treated in this way will no longer shed hair after being dried, and they will be flatter and more visible!
3. Intarsia Sweaters shrink
Because the conditioner contains softener, it is also a good softener for clothes. We only need to mix the conditioner and water in a ratio of 1:3, then soak the intarsia Sweaters in water for 10 minutes and then wash them out, spread them on a large bath towel and gently stretch the intarsia Sweaters.
4. Intarsia Sweaters are quick-drying
Because intarsia Sweaters are relatively thick, it is difficult to dry in winter. What if you wear them in a hurry? In fact, you only need a vacuum bag, just put the intarsia Sweaters into the vacuum storage bag, leave an opening of about 8 cm on each side of the bag, and seal the middle. Then turn the hair dryer to a low speed and blow the wind against one of the mouths to allow the heat to come out from the other mouth. Remember to turn the clothes a few times from time to time to let them heat evenly. The sweater will be dry and super warm in 20 minutes.

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