What impact will digital printing Knitwears products technology have on the textile industry



In short, digital printing Knitwears products is to input the pattern into the computer in digital form, edit and process it through the computer printing color separation and drafting system (CAD), and then control the micro-piezoelectric inkjet nozzle by the computer to directly transfer the special dyeing solution. Spray onto textiles to create desired pattern. The promotion and application of digital printing technology will have a significant impact on the development of my country's textile industry in the 21st century, as follows:

digital printing Knitwears products

(1) Promote the production mode and business model of the enterprise

For a long time, due to the limitations of traditional craftsmanship, the production of digital printing Knitwears products must reach a certain scale and quantity before the enterprise can be profitable. With the development of economy, the market demand is becoming more and more diversified and personalized. The emergence of digital printing technology has solved this long-standing problem for enterprises. In the past, it took several days or even dozens of days for a product to be delivered from design to delivery. The customer selected the pattern and fabric, and the finished product was available within 1 to 2 hours, which could better meet the individual needs of consumers for clothing or decoration. Some people predict that in the 21st century, digital technology will be combined with network technology at a faster speed, thereby realizing a completely personalized, one-to-one tailor-made business model.

(2) It will meet people's individual needs to the greatest extent and improve people's quality of life.

For the majority of designers of digital printing Knitwears products, it is a tool to better exert their creativity, so that they can fully display their creative talents and turn their ideal works into real finished products. Digital printing is rich in colors, using four colors plus spot colors, and can print 16.7 million colors. For the vast number of consumers, from home improvement to clothing, travel supplies can be personalized according to personal preferences. In this sense, the emergence of a new technology will also drive a new market and stimulate a new round of consumer demand.

(3) digital printing Knitwears products will directly promote the development of "green textiles" and "green manufacturing".

Since the digital printing Knitwears products directly install the dye liquor in a special box and spray it on the fabric as needed, there is neither waste nor waste water pollution, which eliminates the dye liquor discharged from the washing of the printing machine in the mixing room, and achieves no pollution in the printing process. . Films are also omitted. Material consumption such as wire mesh and silver tube. It not only reduces the burden on enterprises, but also realizes the requirements of environmental protection.

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