What are the common knitwears fabrics



1. Acetate fiber knitwears fabric
 Acetate fiber has unique properties like silk, fiber luster and bright color, excellent drape and hand feeling. The knitwears fabric produced with it has a smooth feel, comfortable wearing, moisture absorption and breathability, light texture, low moisture regain, not easy to pilling, and antistatic. Knitwear sweaters woven with acetate fiber are favored by consumers.

Knitwear sweaters

2. Modal fiber knitwears fabric
 Modal fiber is a new type of environmentally friendly fiber. It combines the comfort of cotton, the drape of viscose, the strength of polyester, and the feel of silk. It also maintains its soft and bright color after repeated washing. The knitwears process still combines the soft and fluffy, high elasticity and comfort characteristics of the fiber with the knit itself, so that the superior performance of the two complements each other.

3. Strong twist combed yarn knitwears fabric
The cool hemp knitwears fabric made of strong twisted combed yarn not only has the feeling of hemp yarn, but also has good cool and hygroscopicity, especially the twisting of real silk. It is an ideal high-end knitwears fabric. In addition to the excellent properties of real silk, the fabric It feels fuller, has a firmer body, has good dimensional stability, and has good crepe resistance. It is an ideal fabric for high-end professional wear and casual wear.

4.Coolmax fiber knitwears fabric
Coolmax fiber with four grooves can quickly drain the sweat produced by the human body to the surface of the clothing to evaporate, keep the skin fresh, and make the movement more comfortable. It has good moisture conductivity, and the knitwears fabric interwoven with cotton fibers has good moisture conductivity, and is widely used to sew T-shirts, sportswear, etc.

5. Recycled green fiber Lyoclknitwears fabric
Recycled green fiber Lyocell, Tencel and bare spandex yarn interweave knitwears plain stitch (jersey), rib, double rib (cotton wool) and other fabrics, soft texture, smooth surface, good elasticity, elegant product style , With the appearance of silk, good drape, air permeability and washing stability, it is an ideal high-end fabric for the design of popular tight-fitting fashion, casual wear and sportswear.


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