What are the common faults in the quality intarsia Sweaters factory during processing



When knitting sweaters in the quality intarsia Sweaters factory, you must pay attention to the fact that if the sweater is slightly unintentional, there will be a big hole, which is especially difficult when you want to repair it. Then, when the optimizer goes to work every day, he needs to click on the customer website in his hand to see if it can be opened. This is the most basic processing. What is the reason for this situation.
  quality intarsia Sweaters
The main reason is: due to the poor technical level of sewing workers, or basically unskilled mechanics, or due to negligence, or just requiring speed without considering the requirements of the role, the following defects will be formed.
1. Missing line leakage; 2. Wrong line; 3. Uneven edges; 4. Mismatched position; 5. Uneven neckline; 6. Upper collar twist; 7. Wrinkles/wrinkles in the bone position; 8. The suture is too loose or too tight, and it is not easy to fray or explode the thread.

Defects caused by mechanical failure of sewing machine

1. The large needle of the sewing disk is misplaced, so it should be stopped immediately before maintenance to avoid more defects, because it will cause serious leakage.
2. The large needle of the high seam is lifted or bent, which will affect the unevenness or leakage of the eyes after the yarn is removed.
3. The wrong thread starts from the ear; mechanical failure; the shirt is too thick or knotted, and the stitches are too loose. Does not meet specifications and must be reworked or repaired.
4. Jumper, poor maintenance or failure of mechanical parts; a certain part or more is not stitched, and the stitching is easy to dissipate, it should be returned for repairing.
5. The stitching spreads, the loosening of mechanical failure is called single yarn; or the stitching is too close; the bus is loose, so it is necessary to return to the joint repair or repair machinery.

The above are the problems and the reasons why quality intarsia Sweaters are prone to appear during processing. Therefore, be careful when handling quality intarsia Sweaters.

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