The half milano Sweaters manufacturers share geinihalf milano Sweaters washing and ironing tips



The half milano Sweaters manufacturers share half milano Sweaters washing tips:
1. Before washing half milano Sweaters, pat the dust off the sweater first, soak the sweater in cold water for 10 to 20 minutes, squeeze out the water after taking it out, put it in the washing powder solution or soap flake solution and gently scrub sweater, then rinse the sweater with water. In order to ensure the color of the wool, you can drop 2% acetic acid in the water (you can also eat vinegar) to neutralize the soap remaining in the sweater. After washing, squeeze out the moisture in the sweater, block loose, put it in a net pocket, hang the sweater in a ventilated place to dry, and do not wring or expose the sweater to the sun.

half milano Sweaters manufacturers
2. Washing half milano Sweaters (threads) with tea water can not only clean the dust on the sweater, but also make the wool not fade and prolong the service life.
The method of washing the sweater is: use a pot of boiling water, put an appropriate amount of tea leaves, wait for the tea leaves to soak thoroughly, and after the water cools, filter out the tea leaves, soak the sweater (thread) in the tea water for 15 minutes, and then gently rub the sweater a few times. Then rinse with clean water, squeeze out the water, shake to loosen, the wool can be directly held in the shade to dry; in order to prevent deformation, the sweater should be put into a net pocket and then hung in the shade to dry.

The half milano Sweaters manufacturers share half milano Sweaters ironing tips:
1. Use a steam iron. If conditions permit, an ironing table and a sleeve ironing table should be prepared;
2. Turn the sweater upside down (you can fix the clothes with pins, but do not fix the elastic rib at the cuffs and hem);
3. Place an iron with sufficient steam 2-3 cm above the clothes to iron (do not press the iron directly on the clothes, otherwise it will damage the fiber structure and make the clothes lose elasticity)
4. For the cuffs and hem that need to be flattened, just lay it flat naturally, put a towel on it, and press it lightly.

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