The development trend of knitted fabrics and knitwear



The development of knitwear is so good. In the future, knitted fabrics will pursue the functions of comfort, health, safety, anti-ultraviolet, radiation protection, etc., to moisturizing soybean protein fiber and environmentally friendly bamboo fiber.
The development trend of knitted fabrics and knitwear can be summarized as: comfort, fashion, functionality, environmental protection, and diversification, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Comfort

Comfort is the eternal theme of knitwear. In addition to emphasizing softness and comfort in wearing, comfort also includes functional comfort such as thermal and wet comfort, health and safety.

2. Fashion

While the clothing of the 21st century emphasizes functionality, fashion is also the greatest demand of people. Colors, styles, fabrics and wearing properties will reflect popular fashion and meet people's needs for beauty and fashion. The development trend of knitwear will inevitably become fashionable, beautiful and personalized.

3. Functionalization

The intervention of a variety of functional fibers makes the knitwear have different functions such as warmth, elasticity, body beautification, antibacterial, health care, breathability, moisture permeability, windproof, rainproof, UV protection, easy care, and freshness. It is even a combination of two or more functions.

4. Environmental protection

Knitted clothing fabrics must also take the road of green and environmental protection. In the early stage of knitwear development, the concept of environmental protection has been firmly infiltrated into it. As far as possible, use waste-recycling and spinning fibers and green fibers. While considering functionality in finishing, it is also necessary to comprehensively examine the negative effects of finishing additives on the human body and the environment, and promote and implement the concept of cleaner production. .

5. Diversity

Knitted fabrics are increasingly emphasizing the characteristics of diversified raw materials, diversified yarn structures, composite fabric structures, and functional humanity.

Make full use of the advantages and complementary effects of each fiber, improve the wearability of the product, and enrich the fabric style; basic organization and comprehensive application of jacquard, tuck, transfer, pad, terry, quilting and other patterns, as well as knitting and machine The combined use of knitting and leather has made the patterns, colors and styles of knitted fabrics more and more diversified, making the current knitting varieties more colorful.

The knitted fabric developed with differentiated and functional new fibers as raw materials makes people feel that the contribution rate of technology and brand is the source of the improvement of the enterprise's industry and has a very large market potential.

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