The craftsmanship and production of full needle Sweaters products



High gauge fabrics from full needle Sweaters products are generally tighter, so low gauge fabrics are more prone to pilling than high gauge fabrics. Fabrics with a flat surface are not prone to pilling, and fabrics with uneven surfaces are prone to pilling. Therefore, the pilling resistance of fat pattern fabrics, ordinary pattern fabrics, rib fabrics, and plain knitted fabrics is gradually increased.

full needle Sweaters products
1. Dyeing and finishing process: After dyeing and finishing, full needle Sweaters products will have a greater impact on pilling resistance, which is related to dyes, auxiliaries, and dyeing and finishing process conditions. Dyed or top-dyed yarns are prone to pilling; fabrics dyed with jerseys are more prone to pilling than fabrics woven with yarn dyeing; fabrics are shaped, especially after resin finishing, their pilling resistance will be greatly enhanced. Scales are a main feature of wool fibers, which make wool fibers have cashmere properties, so the essence of anti-shrinkage finishing is to treat the scales to weaken or lose the directional friction effect.
2. Mainly use chemicals to interact with the scales to damage and soften the scales; or use resin to spread evenly on the fiber surface to form a film. Therefore, the function of scales is effectively limited, and the wool fiber loses its cashmere property, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing shrinkage.
3. Viscose silk fabric (human silk): The silk surface is bright but not soft, bright in color, smooth in hand, soft and drapey, but not as light and elegant as real silk. After pinching the silk surface, release it, there are creases, and the recovery is slow. The sound is hoarse when tearing. When the warp and weft yarns are wet with water, they are easily broken.
4. Pure cotton cloth: full needle Sweaters products have soft luster, soft hand feel, poor elasticity and easy to wrinkle. Pinch the fabric tightly with your hands and release it, there are obvious creases, and the creases are not easy to return to their original shape. Take out a few warp and weft yarns from the edge of the fabric and twist them apart to see that the fibers are of different lengths.

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