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Sweater processing factory refers to a series of production processes and processes in which yarn is made into knitted sweaters. Sweaters are knitted fabrics, but weft knitted fabrics are subdivided. Clothes are made of loops bent by yarns that are regularly put on each other, and the yarns therein are transformed into loops in the vertical direction.

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    1. Weaving film
    A sweater has a body, a back, and two sleeves. A pullover has four pieces and a cardigan has five pieces. Knitting refers to knitting these pieces on a machine. Knitting pieces are generally divided into mobile phone knitting pieces and motor knitting pieces (computerized flat knitting machine). The mobile phone is knitting wool into a sweater with a hand-needle machine. Any pattern can be woven without the need for stitching, because the mobile phone can knit the entire sweater, including collar stickers, chest stickers, and bags.
    2. Cutting bed
    It refers to cutting the woven piece into the required shape according to the paper pattern. Most of the motor-knitted pieces need to be cut, most of the sweater cutting bed is cut by hand, and the pure color cloth woven by the cylinder machine can be cut by electricity. Mobile phone weaving rarely requires cutting, except for specific styles.
    3. Bone
    Purpose: to prevent the slitting of the fabric piece from spreading, divided into three lines and four lines. It is divided into 1, single-layer 钑 bone and 2, double-layer 钑 bone.
    A single layer of skeletal bone (commonly known as a strip), and then stitched through a sewing disc. Double-layered bones are two layers of cloth together with the bones, and after the bones, there is no need for suture through the suture tray.
    Mobile phone weaving film only needs the gauze mouth, including the sleeve top gauze mouth and the shoulder gauze mouth.
    4. Sewing plate
    Refers to a sewing equipment. The main function is to sew shirt pieces (including front panel, back panel, sleeves, collar stickers, chest stickers, pockets and other accessories).
    Basic methods: 1. Scrape: sew the straight line of the dead mouth. 2. Hat eye: keyhole or sew the horizontal line of the raw mouth.
    Types: Taiwan Basin, Bihai Basin and Hengxing Basin.
    5. Pick and bump
    The parts that cannot be sutured with a hand-needle combined machine. Three aspects: 1, untwisting, trimming 2, picking 3, bumping
    6. Wash water
    Washing water occupies a very important position in the sweater process, because most of the sweater's feel is controlled by the washing process.
    Purpose-1. Decontamination 2. Control the feel 3. Control the degree of softness and hardness of the sweater 4. Stereotype (shrink)
    7, ironing
    Sweater ironing is very different from other garments, because after the sweater is washed, the sweater will shrink. It needs to be ironed to shape and size the sweater. The sweater ironing requires a steam iron and a special made. Want board help.. Procedure: Prepare two pieces of wood for sleeve ironing→steam ironing→steam ironing.

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