Production process of full needle Sweaters factory



The whole process of full needle Sweaters factory processing can be expressed as: wool storage → weaving piece → bone → sewing plate → picking → washing → drying → ironing → car mark → checking shirt → repairing clothes → packaging-middle It may be added (other processes).

full needle Sweaters factory

Wool warehousing: After the wool yarn raw materials are put into storage at the full needle Sweaters factory, samples need to be taken to inspect the calibrated linear density and evenness of the yarn count, and then it can be put into production if it meets the requirements. Most of the wool yarn entering the factory is in the form of skein, which must go through the winding process to make it a package suitable for knitting on a flat knitting machine.
Knitting: The sweater has a front panel, a back panel, sleeves, collars, stickers, etc. Knitting means knitting wool yarn into a semi-finished garment panel on a computerized flat knitting machine. The weaving is usually done by a computerized flat knitting machine.
Bone: The function of the bony is to prevent the slit of the weaving piece from spreading.
Sewing plate: Sewing the shirt piece (including the front panel, back panel, sleeve, collar sticker, chest sticker, bag ring and other accessories) through professional sewing disk equipment.
Concussion: handle the parts that cannot be sutured by the machine with a needle. There are three main aspects: 1. unthreading and trimming; 2. picking; 3. bumping.
Washing water: Washing water occupies a very important position in the sweater process.
    The main purpose of washing water:
    1. Remove oil, dust and peculiar smell during processing
    2. Improve fabric feel
    3. Control the softness and hardness of the sweater
    4. Stereotype (shrink)
Ironing: The ironing of sweaters is very different from other garments, because after the sweaters are washed, the sweaters will shrink. It needs to be ironed to shape and size the sweaters. The sweaters need to be ironed with a steam iron. And special ironing board assist.
Car mark: Carry the mark (main mark, washing water mark, size, etc.) requested by the customer on the sweater.
Cha Shan: Check with lights.
Repair clothing: There are sometimes defects in knitted garments, such as leaking holes, rotten holes, stitches, etc., or damage caused by yarn removal from the sewing disk, such as leaks, jumpers, cramps, etc., can be repaired Repair in the process.
Packing: folding clothes into forming, bagging and packing the finished product.
Other processes: The above is the general production process of full needle Sweaters factory sweaters, but some other processes are often required, such as dyeing, printing, embroidering, beading, hand hooks, embossing, etc. These operations will be interspersed with Between the above processes.

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