How to wash quality intarsia Knit wears without deforming it



A rain and a cold, quietly bid farewell to summer, fall and winter to counterattack, handsome but also charming temperament! It's time for a fashionable, temperament, and good quality "intarsia Knit wears"! The upper body always makes people can't help but the urge to look at the two eyes more! So, how can high quality intarsia Knit wears be washed without deformation?

quality intarsia Knit wears

1. Preparation before washing: Hang the high quality intarsia Knit wears outdoors, pat lightly to remove some floating dust on the knitwear; then button up the clothes button, fold the knitwear neatly from the inside to the outside, and put it into the laundry of the same size Inside the bag, this can effectively prevent the fiber of the sweater from being damaged and deformed.
2. Start washing: Pour an appropriate amount of silky white fine laundry detergent in cold water or warm water below 30°C (diluted at the ratio of 5 liters of water to 1/4 bottle cap), put the laundry bag flat in the diluent, and use your hand Gently press and wash high quality intarsia Knit wears 20 to 30 times. Do not rub it vigorously, let alone wash with high temperature water to avoid shrinkage of the sweater. If there are some stains on the knitted sweater, such as cosmetic residue or sweat stains, you can also use silk white fine laundry detergent to directly apply to the stain for pretreatment and then wash it in the diluent.
3. Thoroughly water: After cleaning, put the high quality intarsia Knit wears in clean water, and water 2-3 times until the detergent is completely clean.
4. Moderate dehydration: Put the high quality intarsia Knit wears together with the laundry bag into the washing machine for dehydration. Note that the dehydration time should be controlled within 1 minute, because excessive dehydration will deform the sweater. After dehydration, put a dry towel under the sweater and roll it together to absorb excess water.
5. Carefully dry: Lay a dry towel in a cool and ventilated place, lay the high quality intarsia Knit wears flat on it, smooth the wrinkles, and wait for the sweater to dry naturally. Don't hang the sweater to expose to the sun. Hanging exposure will not only deform the sweater, but also damage the wool fiber of the sweater.
6. Store carefully: Store the washed and dried high quality intarsia Knit wears in the closet. First fold the knitted sweaters and place them in a bag flat. Do not hang them to prevent the knitted sweaters from hanging and deforming; and put an appropriate amount of mothproofing agent in the wardrobe to prevent insects.

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