How to distinguish the material of china half milano Sweaters



China half milano Sweaters made of pure wool are easy to shrink. Of course, there are also high-end China half milano Sweaters that have been treated with anti-shrinking, but they are expensive. The china half milano Sweaters made of blended wool are a bit tricky, but they don't shrink easily. The general china half milano Sweaters refer to blended half milano Sweaters. The china half milano Sweaters introduced above have their own characteristics, so how do you distinguish the china half milano Sweaters?
 china half milano Sweaters
China half milano Sweaters contain at least animal hair such as wool, rabbit hair, etc. These are classified as short fibers, and the unit price of using animal hair alone is very high, so it can be blended with cotton or man-made fibers. The physical properties of medium-long fibers and short fibers are very different, and man-made fibers have many added values, such as common functional fabrics: moisture wicking, sterilization and deodorization, and far-infrared yarns are all raw materials for knitted fabrics. The characteristics of the line innately determine the characteristics of more than half of the finished china half milano Sweaters.
How to distinguish between China half milano Sweaters and ordinary half milano Sweaters
Look: see if the thickness is different, see if the hair lines are uniform;
Touch: China half milano Sweaters feel better, smooth and soft. And ordinary sweaters may get tied up;
Recognition: The China half milano Sweaters tag will have hair content on it, and the content is relatively high, but the content of ordinary sweaters is average;
Burning: You can pull off a little bit of hair and burn it. Smell for the smell of burnt feathers. High-quality china half milano Sweaters have a strong smell.

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