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Half milano Sweaters are knitted tops made of wool yarn or wool-type chemical fiber yarns, and sweaters made of special animal hair. They are high-end varieties. After the cashmere is carded, it can be spun into half milano Sweaters with more than 16 metric counts. The weight of each piece is between 100 and 150 grams, which is only a fraction of the general half milano Sweaters. It has warmth retention. Good, it feels silky smooth. Rabbit sweaters are fluffy, soft and have a special style. They can be spun purely or blended with wool and nylon. The latter can increase the cohesion and strength of the wool yarn. When half milano Sweaters are washed in the washing machine, they are prone to felting shrinkage. Deformed. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out anti-felting finishing.

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Half milano Sweaters should be kept clean and washed frequently to prevent moths from breeding. When worn inside, the matching outer lining should be smooth, and hard objects such as pens, key cases, mobile phones, etc. should not be placed in the pockets to avoid local friction and pilling. The wearing time is not easy to be too long. It must be stopped or changed for about 5 days to restore the elasticity of the clothes to avoid fiber fatigue and damage.

If half milano Sweaters have pilling, do not pull it forcefully, and use scissors to cut the pompoms to avoid being unable to be repaired due to the off-line. When storing in a seasonal change, it must be washed, ironed, dried, sealed in a plastic bag, and placed flat in the closet. Half milano Sweaters should pay attention to shading to prevent fading. Half milano Sweaters should be ventilated frequently, dust and moisture removed, and not exposed to the sun. Anti-mildew and anti-moth tablets should be placed in the wardrobe to prevent half milano Sweaters from getting damp and mouldy.

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