Features of milano Knitwears fabric



The characteristics of milano Knitwears fabrics, modern knitted fabrics are more colorful, and have entered the stage of multifunctional and advanced development. New knitted fabrics with various texture effects and different functions have been developed, bringing unprecedented sensory effects to knitwear. Visual effect. We all know that there are many varieties of knitted fabrics, so how much do we know about the characteristics of wool knitted fabrics? If you want to know more about the characteristics and related knowledge of milano Knitwears fabrics, please read on.

milano Knitwears

Features of milano Knitwears fabric:

1. The wool and polyester blended fabric has shining points on the surface under the sun, and the pure wool fabric has a soft and soft feeling. Wool polyester fabric is crisp but has a hard feeling, and it is obviously outstanding with the addition of polyester content. The elasticity is better than pure wool fabrics, but the hand feel is not as good as pure wool and wool acrylic blended fabrics. After gripping the cloth tightly, loosen it, there is almost no crease.
2. Wool and viscose blended fabric has a dull luster. Worsted textiles feel weaker, while woollen textiles feel slack. The elasticity and crispness of this type of fabric are not as good as pure wool, wool-polyester, and wool-acrylic blended fabrics. If the viscose content is high, the fabric is slightly wrinkled.

Milano Knitwears fabric features traditional wool-like fabrics made of viscose and man-made wool fibers. The luster is dim, the hand feels weak, and the texture is short and crisp. Due to its poor elasticity, it is very simple to show wrinkles, and it is not easy to fade. The strength of the yarn drawn from the fabric after wet is significantly lower than that in the dry state, which is a useful way to distinguish viscose fabrics. In addition, such wool-like fabrics become hard and thick after being soaked. With the advancement of science and technology, wool-like products have also made great progress in terms of color, feel, and durability. The continuous changes in high-tech textile products have made our world more colorful.

The fabric characteristics of milano Knitwears usually use synthetic fibers as the main material, man-made fibers or colored silk as auxiliary threads, and some use novel synthetic fibers (special silk) as the main material, such as Cai Lisi, Le Lisi, oolong silk, fat and thin Silk, etc., with proper weaves, can be used to make wool-like fabrics of different thicknesses. This type of fabric has two different shades of bamboo on the fabric surface, with natural characteristics. It has the natural characteristics of natural fibers. After scientific and reasonable dyeing and finishing, the cloth surface has beautiful color, good gloss, firmness and elasticity. Suitable for public spending.

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