Common digital printing methods in digital printing Knitwears



1. Pearlescent, luminous printing
Pearlescent can be divided into natural and artificial, and artificial pearlescent can be extracted from fish scales. Pearlescent does not require light source excitation, acid and alkali resistance, and high temperature resistance. Pearlescent digital printing Knitwears display pearl-like soft luster, graceful and luxurious, with excellent hand feeling and fastness. Pearlescent paste is suitable for all kinds of fiber printing and can be used alone or mixed with paint to produce colorful pearlescent. In the printing process, it is generally better to use a 60-80 mesh screen. Luminescent printing mainly uses luminescent crystal paste to print on the surface of the fabric, and the luminescent paste is fixed on the fabric by pre-baking and melting. It is mainly used in elastic interwoven products of polyamide and spandex.

digital printing Knitwears

2. Luminous printing
Luminous powder is a kind of rare earth metal, which is made into powder with a fineness of about 1 μM. The luminous powder is printed on the fabric by digital printing Knitwears method to form patterns. After a certain amount of light, the afterglow time of the pattern can reach 8-12 hours, and it has a good luminous effect and excellent hand feeling and fastness. But only limited to printing on light-medium ground colors.

3, foam three-dimensional printing
Foaming three-dimensional digital printing Knitwears refers to adding a foaming agent plastic resin to the printing paste. After melting and drying at high temperature, the foaming agent decomposes. When the gas is released, the printing paste expands to form a three-dimensional pattern, and the coating is fixed by means of the resin. The three-dimensional effect of coloring and foaming. According to the process, one is to directly print the foaming paste, and the other is to use elastic transparent paste to emboss the foaming paste and blow dry it after printing the foaming paste. The bubble temperature is generally 110 ℃, the time is 30 seconds, and the 80-100 mesh screen is used for printing.

4. Capsule printing
Microcapsules are composed of an inner core and a capsule coating. The inner core is dye and the capsule coating is gelatin. Microcapsules have three types: single core type, multi-core type and composite type. Dyes, composite microcapsules composed of multi-layer outer membranes. The particles of the microencapsulated dye are between 10 and 30 µM.

5. Matte printing (imitation jacquard printing)
Dewatering slurry containing matting agent on glossy fabrics, using digital printing Knitwears process of paint, can obtain partial matt printing effect, with distinct light and dark, and has a style similar to jacquard. Matting paste is generally composed of titanium dioxide or paint white as a matting agent, together with a non-yellowing binder. Mainly used in satin or twill silk, rayon, synthetic fiber, cellulose fiber knitted fabrics and blended fabrics, and can also be used on calendered fabrics and sample papers.

6. Gold and silver powder digital printing Knitwears
After mixing gold powder or silver powder with a special paste or adhesive specially made for gold and silver powder with good transparency, it is printed on the fabric to form a golden or silver glitter pattern effect.

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