Cleaning precautions for full needle Sweaters products



1.Boiling full needle Sweaters products in water for a long time will cause partial hydrolysis of wool, which is more prone to hydrolysis of the main chain and breakage of disulfide bonds than in steam. Destroy the scale layer, so treating with oxychloride can prevent wool from shrinking, and can also improve dyeability. In steam or in hot water, the wool has a large range of setting through tension, and there is an over-shrinking phenomenon at high temperature.

full needle Sweaters products
2. The dyes available for full needle Sweaters products include acid mordant dyes, acid dyes, acid mordant dyes. When washing with warm water at about 30 degrees, the method of washing and rinsing is mainly the method of scratching and pressing. Do not use rubbing.
3. Multipurpose detergents can be used in laundry detergents, but neutral detergents are better for higher-grade full needle Sweaters products, wool products and fashionable clothing. For dehydrated wool products, it is subject to one minute, and non-absorbent acrylic and polyester products are subject to less than 30 seconds. The more important thing is to lay the clothes on the board as much as possible after washing, and place the board diagonally so that the water can flow down the board, and then dry it on the hanger after the water drips.

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