Best half milano Sweaters storage protection knowledge



Best half milano Sweaters has become our main supporting role in winter, and now we are used to it. After the surprise, disbelief and cautiousness that it initially brought us have been wiped away, we no longer deliberately feel the changes it has made to our lives. . This kind of tending to be dull, but still exists in our lives, is the most appropriate appearance of Best half milano Sweaters.

Best half milano Sweaters

Daily cleaning of Best half milano Sweaters:
After the Best half milano Sweaters have been worn for a period of time, the dust can be removed in stages. First pat the clothes to remove the dust on the clothes, and then use the special sticking device to remove the visible dust on the clothes. Spread a clean wet towel on the clothes and pat, so that the wet towel absorbs the oil stains. Repeat this way. If you accidentally rub on dirt when you are out, you must clean it immediately to avoid leaving marks. If you are stained with water-based oils, immediately use a dry towel to soak up the stains so that the stains will not spread easily. If it gets oily, use a hot towel to wipe gently. Constant wiping can gradually reduce the area of ​​stains in Best half milano Sweaters. After returning home, remember to wipe it off immediately with a towel dipped in a small amount of neutral detergent.
Anti-wrinkle care of Best half milano Sweaters:
Best half milano Sweaters iron clothes every once in a while, turn the steam iron to a low temperature state, and cover the clothes with a white towel before ironing. The iron should not be in direct contact with the clothes, either 2-3 cm apart or covered with a towel. When ironing, you must be gentle, don't pull the clothes, if the clothes are deformed, pull the clothes lightly while ironing.
Storage of Best half milano Sweaters:
If the Best half milano Sweaters are not worn for the season, after cleaning the dust and ironing neatly, dry it in the shade in a well-ventilated place, and then put some desiccant in the cabinet to keep it dry. Cover it with a dust cover and put it away.

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