Autumn fashion half cardigan Sweaters quick-drying tips



1. Choose a place to dry the half cardigan Sweaters: the drying time is long, and the location is the key. If it is a sunny day, choose a place with the sun to dry the clothes, if it is cloudy, you need to choose a ventilated place.
 half cardigan Sweaters
2. Directly use a dryer to dry half cardigan Sweaters, a household dryer, usually 1-2 hours can be taken out and worn.
3. Make your own dryer: a hair dryer, a washed half cardigan Sweaters or a piece of clothing, a vacuum bag, twist the half cardigan Sweaters into the vacuum bag, open at both ends, do not completely seal, use a hair dryer Inside the captain's vacuum bag, the air with hot air and moisture at the other end is discharged.
4. Autumn is cold and dry, but the temperature is low, which is not conducive to the volatilization of water in half cardigan Sweaters or clothes. The water on half cardigan Sweaters is easy to freeze and is more difficult to dry. Therefore, you need to twist the water as much as possible before drying half cardigan Sweaters. Dry it a bit, or use a washing machine to dehydrate it for a longer time.

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