Why do sweaters pill



Sweaters generally have the problem of pilling. No matter how good sweaters are worn for a long time, they will actually have certain pilling problems. Why is the material of sweaters easy to pill?

full needle Sweaters

1. Raw material factors: The higher the quality of wool raw materials, the better the fineness, the denser the surface scales, the better the curl, and the softer feel, but it is easy to entangle and pill.

2. Different fabric structures (flat needles, ingots, double ingots, etc.) and different densities (loose, tight) will also produce different degrees of pilling. ) is woven into the specified density, and the sample of the tissue structure is tested in the pilling box within the specified time, and then the grade is evaluated.

3. Contact with different objects (smooth and rough) during wearing will also produce different degrees of pilling. Sleeves, pockets and other parts are often rubbed and are prone to pilling.

4. In terms of craftsmanship: if the twist is too loose, the wool will be rounder and plumper, but it will be easier to pilling. Otherwise, if the twist is too tight, it will lose the style of the wool, like a rope.

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