Which knitted fabric material is suitable for quality digital printing Knitwears



The quality digital printing Knitwears is a new innovation in the textile printing industry. More and more quality digital printing Knitwears companies are transitioning to digital printing and benefit from the competitive advantages they provide. Digital printing provides rapid production efficiency and the ability to produce complex and fine patterns. Before determining whether your quality digital printing Knitwears company is interested in textile digital printing, it is necessary to understand the choice of quality digital printing Knitwears for printed fabrics.

quality digital printing Knitwears

The quality digital printing Knitwears is an inkjet-based printing method that allows the printing machine to print high-quality patterns on a variety of fabrics. However, some fabrics are not suitable for this specific printing technique. In this article, we specify which fabrics can and which cannot be used for textile digital printing. To fully understand why certain fabrics cannot be used for digital printing, one must understand digital printing technology.

For quality digital printing Knitwears, the fabric must be pretreated first, and then the fabric is passed through the inkjet printing machine at high speed. The textile digital printing machine uses the digitized printable pattern, reads the correct color information, and prints the color on the fabric.

Quality digital printing Knitwears use tiny ink droplets produced by the print head to color. The nozzle is located a few millimeters above the fabric.

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