What to do if milano Sweaters shrink



After milano Sweaters are washed, they will often shrink. At this time, you can follow the following methods to remedy the shrinkage problem of milano Sweaters.

milano Sweaters
1. White vinegar can help soften woolen products and make milano Sweaters that were originally tight and stiff and fluffy. Prepare a pot, add warm water, add about 50 grams of white vinegar, and then soak the milano Sweaters in the water. After half an hour, take out the sweater. Pull it with your hand, dry it, and the sweater will return to its original shape!

2. Take a pot, put in hot water, add a spoonful of starch in the water, and then stir evenly. Put the milano Sweaters in a basin, let it soak completely, and let it sit for five minutes. Prepare a dry towel, lay it flat on the table, fish out the milano Sweaters, and place it on the dry towel. Then wrap the sweater in a towel, press firmly to squeeze out the moisture, and then air it.

3. High temperature can also make milano Sweaters soft and restore their original shape. Prepare a dry cloth bag, fold the sweater and put it in the cloth bag, and then put it in the steamer. Ten minutes later, take out the milano Sweaters, and the sweater has become very soft. Then pull it slightly with your hand, and the sweater will return to its original shape!

4. Shampoo contains softener, which is also a good softener for clothes. When washing milano Sweaters, pour about fifty milliliters of shampoo in the basin, and then soak the sweater for ten minutes. Then spread the milano Sweaters flat on a dry towel, press the water with the towel, and then gently pull the sweater with your hands, and then dry the sweater~~

5. The conditioner used at home also has the effect of softening clothes. Take about 20 grams of conditioner, put it on your hands and knead for two minutes, then dissolve it in water and mix well. Then immerse the milano Sweaters in water for fifteen minutes.

Then use a dry towel to press out the moisture in the sweater, and the sweater will return to its original shape!

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