What should I do if the quality intarsia Sweaters have pilled



1. The scouring pad used for dishwashing is a good helper to remove the hair balls on the surface of quality intarsia Sweaters. Just moisten it with water, wring it out, and brush the surface of the laundry with the rough side. Whether it is the hair balls of quality intarsia Sweaters, or the stains of woolen coats or suede coats, you can clean them with a single wipe.

quality intarsia Sweaters
2. In addition to combing the hair, a small comb can also remove the hair balls on the quality intarsia Sweaters, especially the comb with fine pitch is better! Just wipe the comb on the surface of the quality intarsia Sweaters, and then you can shave off the hair balls with gentle force.
3. Don't throw away the used toothbrushes at home. It is convenient to leave the quality intarsia Sweaters to remove the hair balls! Use scissors to cut a few knives on one side of the old toothbrush to make it jagged. After cutting, take the cut side of the toothbrush and scrape it along the lines of the quality intarsia Sweaters, and the hair balls will stick to the toothbrush.
4. The side of the Velcro is sticky, it is great to remove the bristles on the surface of quality intarsia Sweaters. However, if you want to remove the miscellaneous hairs on the surface of cashmere intarsia Sweaters, since cashmere is delicate and easily damaged, it is recommended to use a small roller-like Velcro, just roll it on the surface of the clothes. If there is no Velcro around, tape is also a good choice.
5. The quality intarsia Sweaters are covered with fur balls. Just prepare a pair of rubber gloves and sweep down the clothes. The hair on the clothes will stick to the gloves. The miscellaneous hairs that have not adhered to the gloves will gather at the edge of the garment corners, and the miscellaneous hairs will be removed with just a light grasp.

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