What problems should be paid attention to in the wholesale process of intarsia Sweaters



Intarsia Sweaters are the "artifacts" that accompany the public through the severe cold, and are also a market for various clothing distributors to compete for. In order to continuously attract consumers and provide consumers with good-quality intarsia Sweaters products, more and more distributors continue to try and choose intarsia Sweaters wholesale manufacturers to cooperate. So for these distributors, what issues should be paid attention to in the process of intarsia Sweaters wholesale?

intarsia Sweaters

First, the quality of intarsia Sweaters
Intarsia Sweaters are a kind of personal warmth. The quality of its quality is not only related to the issue of warmth, but also related to the comfort of wearing during warmth, such as: whether it is irritating to the skin, whether it shrinks or fades during washing and many more. These problems are actually very well verified. You only need to purchase a small amount from the intarsia Sweaters wholesale unit to try on and wash them.
Second, the question of whether the supply chain is complete
The sales of intarsia Sweaters have a very obvious seasonal boundary. In summer, sales are generally normal but sales increase sharply in the winter period. This actually tests the supply capacity of sweater wholesalers. Distributors should pay attention to choosing the manufacturers in the evening of the supply chain during the wholesale of intarsia Sweaters, especially when some hot items are sold out of stock, they can replenish them from other channels in time to ensure that the distributors can continue to operate stably. .
Third, the cost issue
Cost is an issue that all sales industries must consider, especially for intarsia Sweaters. The price of intarsia Sweaters in winter will be higher than that in summer to a certain extent, and the wholesale price will follow this rule. But the difference in time will also cause the question of whether the style trend is "online". Therefore, weighing the purchase time and intarsia Sweaters wholesale price negotiation is very effective for cost control.

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