What is the difference between milano Knitwears and knitwear



Regardless of men and women, everyone has one to several milano Knitwears in their closet, right? You may call them sweaters regardless of thickness. In fact, this is a very general term. If you pay more attention, you will find that milano Knitwears are actually different from knitwear.

Milano Knitwears

In the past, when we saw some clothes woven with woolen yarn, we would casually call them "sweaters". Later, I gradually realized that there is a distinction according to the different textile materials of the sweaters. Don't be foolish to see that all knitted sweaters are called milano Knitwears. You will be laughed at. Let's analyze the difference between milano Knitwears and knitted sweaters.

1. What is knitwear and milano Knitwears.
Knitwear refers to clothes that are woven with threads through a machine or by hand. The thread used includes cotton thread, chemical fiber thread, wool-like thread, wool spinning thread and so on. According to the different thread materials, it can also be divided into cotton knitwear, chemical fiber knitwear, wool-like knitwear and wool knitwear. And milano Knitwears is actually a category of knitwear.
2. The scope of naming is different.
The reason why it is called a knitted sweater is based on the weaving process of the clothes. The milano Knitwears are named according to the material of the clothes.
3. The subordinate nature is different.
The knitwear includes milano Knitwears. There is nothing wrong with calling milano Knitwears a sweater! Calling all knitwear milano Knitwears is a big mistake.
4. Different materials.
There are many materials that can be used to make knitted sweaters, such as cotton, silk, synthetic silk, and various fluff. The material of milano Knitwears is a variety of fine wool or thick wool made of wool or cashmere. Most of what we generally call "sweaters" in our lives belong to milano Knitwears. Although many clothes labeled milano Knitwears do not contain enough wool, at least they contain a certain amount of wool.
5. The weaving process is different.
The cotton knitwear and chemical fiber knitwear in the knitwear can be combined with cutting and sewing techniques and knitting methods. So most of them are made by machines.

Milano Knitwears cannot use those two processes. Each piece of clothing can only be sewn by weaving. Therefore, the first milano Knitwears were knitted by hand. The "warm brand" sweaters knitted by mothers and mothers many years ago were just like this. Although machine knitting is also available now, some of it must be made by hand.

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