What are the washing methods of milano Knitwears



The correct washing method should be carefully read the washing signs on the clothes

The wool composition in milano Knitwears is different, and the washing and maintenance methods are different. Some are suitable for hand washing, and some are suitable for dry cleaning. The maintenance method stated on the wash label on the clothing will vary depending on the type of wool. Specially treated fabrics may also have special advantages.

milano Knitwears

Washed by milano Knitwears

Milano Knitwears should be washed with neutral detergent or neutral detergent. If the alkaline detergent used for daily laundry is used, it is easy to damage the wool fiber. The appropriate washing water temperature is about 30℃. Too high water temperature will easily make the woolen sweater felt again, and too low water temperature will reduce the washing effect.

During washing, except for wool sweaters marked with "super washable" or "machine washable" logos, general wool sweaters should be carefully washed by hand. It cannot be washed in a washing machine, otherwise, felting occurs between the wool fiber scales, which will greatly reduce the size of the wool sweater. Machine washing is easy to damage and disintegrate the sweater.

Generally, before washing milano Knitwears, it is necessary to know or mark the parts with more stains, so that the parts can be carefully cleaned during washing, so that the purpose of cleaning can be achieved, and the sweater will not be damaged.

Milano Knitwears are often washed by dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is a decontamination method that removes oil-soluble stains in a drum-type washing machine using petroleum-based solvents and water-insoluble oil-based volatile organic solvents such as perchloroethylene. This method is widely adaptable, prevents milano Knitwears from deforming and does not bleed, but requires certain equipment to carry out. If the sweater fabric can be dry-cleaned, there should be a dry-cleaning label on the wash label.

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