What are the technical advantages of china digital printing Knitwears



China digital printing Knitwears and the slightly more traditional printing method are fundamentally non-ventilated. It does not require plate making. In the traditional printing technology, it saves a lot of production processes and omits many useless equipment and china digital. The consumables of printing Knitwears, digital printing he is not restricted by the color register and the flower circle.

China digital printing Knitwears

The products of china digital printing Knitwears are very exquisitely printed. It can produce exquisite printing and artistic effects that more traditional printing can't produce, just like traditional Chinese paintings, oil paintings and gouache figure paintings.

China digital printing Knitwears is based on its individuality, small batch, but it has more varieties, high precision, fast delivery speed, no pollution, and unique art. It is now being valued by people. Nowadays, it has emerged in the relatively high-end consumer market, such as high-end fashion, high-end fabrics, high-end craft gifts, and travel accessories, as well as silk scarves, ties and other products. It has become the development speed of the current era. The fastest printing method.

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