What are the stages of dip dyeing for china dip dye Knitwears



Five stages of dyeing china dip dye Knitwears. The dyeing of china dip dye Knitwears can be carried out at any stage. It can be dyed at different stages such as fiber, yarn, grey cloth and garment.

china dip dye Knitwears

1. Loose fiber dyeing: the dyeing of fiber or loose fiber before spinning, put it into a large dyeing vat, and dye it at an appropriate temperature. Dyed yarns are mostly dyed with loose fibers (there are also effects of single dyeing with different fibers), which are often used for woolen fabrics.
2. Top dyeing: This also belongs to the fiber dyeing before the fiber is made into yarn. The purpose of dyeing is the same as that of loose fiber dyeing, in order to obtain a soft color mixing effect. Top dyeing is generally used for combed yarn and wool fabrics.
3. Yarn dyeing: the yarn is dyed before weaving, generally used for yarn-dyed china dip dye Knitwears fabrics, sweaters, etc. or directly using yarn (sewing thread, etc.). Yarn dyeing is the basis of dyeing and weaving.
4. Piece dyeing: The method of dyeing the woven china dip dye Knitwears fabric grey cloth is piece dyeing. Common methods include rope dyeing, jet dyeing, jig dyeing, pad dyeing (not tie dyeing) and beam dyeing. I will not introduce them one by one here.
5. Garment dyeing: Generally, the semi-bleached china dip dye Knitwears fabric is made into a garment first, and then the garment is put into a nylon bag, a series of bags are put into the dyeing vat together, and stirring is continued in the dyeing vat (paddle type dyeing machine) . Garment dyeing is mostly suitable for knitted hosiery, T-shirts and other knitted garments, sweaters, pants, shirts and other simple garments.

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