What are the ingredients of the wool commonly used by half milano Sweaters factory



The wool weaving industry has been developing for decades, and now there are more and more people working in the wool weaving industry and half milano Sweaters factory, and the competition is naturally greater, whether it is making looms, sewing discs, or making bumps. Check shirts, packaging will face all kinds of competition. Different wool weaving factories use different wool materials. Some factories commonly use only one or less than three kinds of wool materials, just like some specializing in foreign trade brand customers, as foreign trade half for individual customers. In milano Sweaters factory, the yarns used are relatively simple. It can be said that no one can fully count the components of wool, but it is still possible to say some of them.

half milano Sweaters factory
Some half milano Sweaters factories do domestic sales and process wholesale stalls. The commonly used wool materials are mainly: pure cotton, polyester cotton, clear cotton, all acrylic fiber, sheep wool, core spun yarn, etc.
Some half milano Sweaters factories that do domestic brand OEM mainly use yarns: hemp silk for spring and summer, mercerized cotton, icy silk, pure cotton, hemp cotton, mulberry silk, slub cotton and so on. In autumn and winter, wool blends, cashmere blends, mink fleece, rabbit fur, and mohair are generally used. Iceland wool, mercerized Panax notoginseng, short mink, cow wool, lamb wool, merino wool and so on.
Different half milano Sweaters factories have different customers, different product positioning, and different commonly used wool and yarn components.

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