To explain to you an important sign of the processing quality of intarsia Knit wears products



When we buy intarsia Knit wears products, we need to know the quality of it. What is the basis for determining it, otherwise you don’t know whether the quality has passed or not. The processing of intarsia Knit wears products is the same, so intarsia Knit wears products What are the important signs of processing quality?

intarsia Knit wears products

The processed wool of intarsia Knit wears products is refurbished with old wool and mixed with other fibers. Please pay attention to distinguish it when purchasing.

When purchasing intarsia Knit wears products, the "pure wool logo" is attached to them for identification. The trademarks are cloth and are usually sewn on the collar or side seams of intarsia Knit wears products. There is a pure wool logo with black lettering on a white background and a washing method instruction map; the trademark tag is paper and usually hung on intarsia On the chest of Knit wears products, there is a pure wool logo and text with white letters on a gray background or black letters on a light blue background. The pattern is a clockwise logo composed of three yarn balls. On the lower right side, there is a "representing a registered trademark". The letter “R” and the words “pure new wool”. Some woolen sweaters embroidered on the chest of intarsia Knit wears products or made on buttons are all counterfeit products.

Intarsia Knit wears products processing In order to avoid this kind of thing from happening again, the distributor of intarsia Knit wears specially reminded the following:
1. Intarsia Knit wears products are no longer worn. They must be cleaned before storing, even if they are worn only once;
2. After cleaning, it is best to use ultraviolet rays to sterilize and kill viruses. If there is no such condition, use the sun for ten minutes;
3. In addition, in order to prevent intarsia Knit wears products from deforming during storage, do not use hanging storage as much as possible, but folding storage.

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