The difference between intarsia Sweaters and intarsia Knit wears



Intarsia Sweaters are not intarsia Knit wears. Intarsia Knit wears are craft products that use knitting needles to form loops of various raw materials and yarns, and then connect them to form knitted fabrics. intarsia Knit wears are soft in texture, have good wrinkle resistance and breathability, and have greater extensibility and elasticity, making them comfortable to wear.

intarsia Knit wears

Compared with woven intarsia Knit wears, in many intarsia Sweaters processing plants, the wool knitwear processing technology will be more complicated and cumbersome. Knitting is divided into wool knitting and cotton knitting. Like the woven fabrics we are familiar with in intarsia Knit wears, cotton knitting is used to produce garments through a similar process. The wool knitting is relatively unpopular. Among the major clothing brands, wool knitting designers are always very popular.
Intarsia Knit wears refers to garments knitted by knitting equipment. At present, intarsia Knit wears woven by machines are common in the market. Maybe we usually mistakenly think that intarsia Knit wears are all hand-knitted sweaters, but it is not. such. As mentioned earlier, intarsia Sweaters are a kind of knitted sweaters, except that sweaters are knitted sweaters made of wool, which are also woven by machines or by hand. Intarsia Knit wears can not only use wool, but also cotton thread, various chemical fiber threads, etc., but sweaters woven with other threads besides wool are not called sweaters.
Intarsia Knit wears can be broadly divided into: cotton knitwear and wool knitwear. Many woven garments are also called knitted sweaters on many occasions, but they are not intarsia Sweaters, wool knitted sweaters. So knitted sweater and intarsia Knit wears are actually two different terms. In the opinion of many Knitwears Sweaters processing plants, sweaters are just a kind of knitted sweaters, not all of them are knitted by hand.

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