Process flow of quality digital printing Knitwears



Quality digital printing Knitwears with printing processing needs, in addition to woolen sweaters and a large number of woolen cloth, look at the printing market analysis. The main limitation is China's quality digital printing Knitwears. Chinese quality digital printing Knitwears completes the pattern plan on the computer and the computer limits the radiation. It is necessary for the wool worsted dyeing and finishing plant to match the entire printed wool fabric processing process. The usual process flow is as follows: raw and repair-singeing-(single-tank cooking) (light milling)-washing-cooking-China Digital Printing Portal-chlorination-bleaching-water absorption-drying-steaming-washing- Water absorption-drying-intermediate inspection-mature repair-bristles-shearing-steaming-products.

Quality digital printing Knitwears

quality digital printing Knitwears is suitable for high-end wool fabric printing products in small batches and brilliant patterns. The plea for a strong sense of temper is an important direction for the growth of digital printing technology in the future.

As a fabric preparation for wool fabrics, chlorinated warp tubes can obviously improve the color depth, brilliance and clarity of printing patterns.

Paste and hygroscopic agent in the pre-processing of the pipe. Factors such as acid release agents have a significant impact on the consequences of printing. The processing of quality digital printing Knitwears' radiation printing products should also be combined with the entire dyeing and finishing process to achieve good results without affecting the expected results of wool fabrics The high-end style.

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