Physical characteristics of china intarsia Knit wears



China intarsia Knit wears is a knitwear made by knitting that has better elasticity than woven. Knitted denim uses a knitting weft weave method, using bundled dyed indigo, blue and black, sulphur black and other knitting tubes in the big circle. Special technology is implemented on the machine to produce garment fabrics with washing and fading effect. Its varieties mainly include small fish-scale terry, large fish-scale terry, thick and thin oblique terry, convex oblique terry, plain jersey and so on.

China intarsia Knit wears

Physical characteristics of china intarsia Knit wears

China intarsia Knit wears have good elasticity, feel softer than denim, and are comfortable to wear. This is the advantage of China intarsia Knit wears. Because it is a knitted weft, the use of different functional fibers is a major advantage of knitted denim. In addition to the usual cotton, cotton, cotton, and cotton polyurethane, the knitted denim produced by many companies also has the ability to absorb perspiration, antibacterial, deodorant, and anti-bacterial. Functional characteristics such as ultraviolet light and heat preservation. It can be washed with water to achieve the desired style of fading, discoloration, and clothing.

The practical application of china intarsia Knit wears, garments using this fabric can use denim washing and knitting washing methods to express the style of denim and the elegance of knitting. Since 2005, it has been very popular among users in the market. With the passage of time, people's clothing becomes more personalized, which is also a business opportunity for various new fabrics.

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