Knitted sweater processing factory will explain the types of quality digital printing Knitwears for you



Nowadays, the types and shapes of quality digital printing Knitwears products are different from the past. Knitted sweater processing factories use brushing, sanding, shearing, ginning and pleating techniques to enrich the variety of knitwear and make knitted sweater garments more diverse.

digital printing Knitwears products

1. Stripe quality digital printing Knitwears
The knit sweater with distinctive stripe elements, delicate stripes, add a sense of elegance, delicate fabrics, skin-friendly feeling, very comfortable to wear, very simple version design, elastic hem, with a very good shaping effect .
2. Quality digital printing Knitwears
The knitwear with distinct splicing design style, three-dimensional splicing processing, makes the clothes show very three-dimensional lines, delicate fabrics, skin-friendly feeling, very comfortable to wear, elastic hem, with very good shaping effect .
3. Plush quality digital printing Knitwears
Woolen fabric knitted sweaters, thick needle lines, very novel and individual, the body is decorated with plush fabrics at the same time, fluffy lines, very cute, distinctive hierarchical design, giving the clothes a three-dimensional shape .
4. Hollow quality digital printing Knitwears
The hollow knitwear, exquisite and three-dimensional pattern, faint perspective feeling, very dreamy and sexy, exquisite short lines, slightly loose design style, showing a very relaxed and elegant leisure charm.

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