Fabric selection of quality full needle Sweaters



Quality full needle Sweaters, as a new fashion sweater single product, have been loved by the majority of people since their rise. In the face of the cold winter, the choice of quality full needle Sweaters is particularly important. Such a semi-cardigan sweater can be worn inside or outside, but the outside outfit can express its uniqueness. We will mainly introduce the fabric of quality full needle Sweaters.

Quality full needle Sweaters

1. Cashmere fabric

The quality full needle Sweaters of cashmere fabric have the best thermal insulation effect. They can prevent cold winter, but cashmere fabrics are divided into many types, including sheep cashmere fabrics, cashmere, etc., but in general, cardigan sweaters made of cashmere fabrics are more elastic. , And good shrinkage, so in winter, choosing a cardigan sweater made of cashmere fabric can not only keep warm but also enhance the fashion value.

2. Acrylic fabric

The quality full needle Sweaters of acrylic fabrics are not as warm as cashmere fabrics, but the cashmere sweaters of this fabric have a very good feel and the wool is relatively soft. This kind of fabric looks very similar to cashmere fabric in appearance, and some people also like to call acrylic fiber artificial wool. Acrylic fabrics are also loved by most people. In addition, cardigan sweaters made of this fabric have more color choices and are easy for people to choose.

3. Rabbit hair fiber fabric

Rabbit fur is also a common fabric for sweaters because of its softness and good warmth. Rabbit fur is very soft, waxy and gentle. The color of rabbit fur is usually white, which is very bright and shiny. Therefore, quality full needle Sweaters made of this fabric are also loved by most people, and semi-cardigan sweaters made of rabbit hair fiber are relatively expensive.

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