Dry cleaning method of white intarsia sweaters



White and light-colored intarsia Sweaters are easy to cause washing quality problems. For example, natural fibers tend to swell after absorbing water and shrink after drying, which will cause deformation of the fabric and affect the overall effect of the fabric. For example, woolen clothes will cause the adhesion of the scales on the fiber surface and shrinkage after water absorption. In addition to washing with water, the hand feel, color and gloss of the fabric will deteriorate. If you use dry cleaning, you can overcome these shortcomings, but it must be in a detergent. Adding a certain ratio of brightener will not only have a good effect, but also restore the whiteness of white intarsia Sweaters and yellow intarsia Sweaters.

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1. Intarsia Sweaters are contaminated by these coffees and can be washed immediately with 70-80% hot water to remove them.
2. Old tea traces can be soaked in concentrated salt water, or rubbed and washed with a mixture of ammonia and glycerin (1:10). Ammonia water is prohibited for silk and wool fabrics, and can be rubbed with a 10% glycerin solution, washed with detergent, and rinsed with water.
3. Old tea and coffee traces can be wiped with a mixed solution of glycerin and egg yolk, and rinse with water after a little drying. Or apply glycerin on the stained area, sprinkle a few grains of borax, and soak in boiling water. It can also be wiped with diluted ammonia water, borax and warm water.
4. The old coffee traces on intarsia Sweaters can be wiped with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, and then washed with water, or with salt or glycerin solution.

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