Classification of half cardigan sweaters



Different half cardigan Sweaters have different classifications, and different classifications have different ways to wear them, which are suitable for different figures:

half cardigan Sweaters

There are three types of half cardigan Sweaters according to the style:

1 The round neck buttoned cardigan is suitable for girls with slender faces and necks. The round neck can play a neutral role.
The 2 v-neck buttoned cardigan is suitable for girls with round faces and short necks. It can lengthen the face and neck. It is also suitable for girls with big breasts, which can have a sense of breathing. Girls with big breasts should never wear high-necked clothes, which will make people feel breathless.
3 The long-necked cardigan without buttons is more elegant, suitable for girls with plump body, and can lengthen the visual effect.

According to the length of half cardigan Sweaters, there are four types:

1 Ultra-short half cardigan Sweaters refer to girls with a pear-shaped figure or small girls who are just up to the waist in length, and can lengthen the proportion of the lower body. It is a playful style.
2 Regular half cardigan Sweaters, the length is about hips, suitable for office work, with shirts, as a more casual professional wear.
3 Half-length half cardigan Sweaters, the length is on the thigh, suitable for fat girls, can lengthen the line of sight; you can also wear a belt in the middle to highlight the ratio of upper and lower body. Wear a collarless shirt inside. A half-length cardigan can hide the unsightly hip shape.
4 Long half cardigan Sweaters, the length is at or below the knee, very elegant, tall girls will wear it very elegant. Short girls can also lengthen their body proportions with high heels, and can wear them like a windbreaker; they can also wear a belt. You can wear a suspender dress or a collarless shirt and leggings inside, and a long cardigan can conceal your unsightly buttocks.

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