About digital printing Knitwears products



Regarding the printing process, the digital printing Knitwears products process in the printing process is used more, because the printing effect of this printing process is better, it can print the printing pattern more clearly, the printing effect is good, and The color is relatively firm.

digital printing Knitwears products

Now digital printing Knitwears products is a very common printing process. We usually use this printing process for many custom garments, because it is more cost-effective and can meet the needs of large-area printing, and printing does not require printing to save more. The cost does not limit the MOQ, so we have seen that many small factories and small enterprises have also adopted the digital direct injection printing process in recent years.

digital printing Knitwears products Direct injection refers to the use of digital printers to directly print the patterns we need to print on various materials. In the true sense, one piece of printing is realized without plate making. Digital direct injection uses ink jet printing, and the pigment enters the fabric when it is formed, breaking the limitations of ordinary screen printing and sudden color printing, and any image can be produced and printed.

If you use glue digital printing Knitwears products to print colorful printing patterns, it may have a gluey feel, which will be hard to the touch, which will affect the soft feel of the fabric itself, but the digital direct injection process does not have this problem, because the digital direct injection process The printing feels good, the printing can reach the nanometer level, it will not affect its breathability, and the printing color is quite firm. digital direct printing company

The patterns presented by digital printing Knitwears products are quite three-dimensional, which can be said to subvert the performance of the traditional printing process in the past. , 3D effect is strong, and the display effect of details is far more than screen printing. This is also the reason why the digital direct injection printing process has become more and more popular in recent years.

However, the digital direct-injection printing process is not suitable for printing on dark T-shirts. Digital printing Knitwears products generally print well on white cotton bottom shirts, and can fully meet the requirements of no hand feel and no color difference. The color requirements for bottom shirts are good White T-shirt.

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