About knitwell
Knitwell Fashion Knitwear Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2003

Who is an ODM enterprise specialized in developing new styles and providing high quality production for our domestic and overseas high end fashion brands’ woman sweater.

Production Strength

For a long period of time, we have been working hard with various issues in the production process of women’s sweaters, including pattern-making, sizing, weaving technique and trends, and so forth. And we have also made outstanding achievements in the areas listed above.

Company Scale

150 employees, with an R&D team of 30 people.
Annual cardigan output : 350,000 pcs.
Factory Area: 4500 square meters.
300 new styles on every season for reference.


Carolina Herrera (Spain, international high-end fashion brand), Baum und Pferdgarten (Denmark, well known European brand) Message (Denmark) Caddis Fly (Denmark) STELLE CARAKASI ( USA) CHIC LLC (USA) SPANNER (Canada) China: Miidii; Artis ; PSALTER ; XIIBASKET ; KAVON ; OBBLIGATO; GIORGIO GIULINI

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